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Birthday beach

Project Crumpet Masterlist

I finally compiled the list! Please leave these authors some review love! I haven’t read them all yet, but I’m looking forward to some fun reading!

The only Weasley who does not have his own story is Fred. (:

Thanks for all the links! Project Crumpet was such a success that I’ve decided to have another! It’s called “You, Mary Sue.” In this challenge you are to write a story or drabble starring a thinly disguised author insert (that would be you) interacting with a canon character. Watch this journal for more details.

Author: Grandma Kate
Title:Arthur Weasley as Molly's Crumpet
Any warnings: None

Author: Deena S
Title: 1 September 1992
Warnings: Sexual situations
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/10637.html

Author: Dogstar
Title: Open The Door (Chapter 3 from her Hannah/Neville story)
Link: http://jofic.livejournal.com/6065.html

Author: nundu
Title: Once a Fool
Warnings: Not your suave, debonair Bill
Link: http://nundu-art.livejournal.com/13774.html

Author: Deena S
Title: Lovers in a Dangerous Time
Warnings: NC17, language, rough sex
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/27585.html

Author: moonette
Title: I See All of You
Link: http://www.sugarquill.net/read.php?storyid=3093&chapno=1

Author: xianiane
Title: Sweet Intoxication
Warnings: R
Link: http://xianiane.livejournal.com/20201.html

Author: Gabriella DuSult
Title: A Proposal
Link: http://gabrielladusult.livejournal.com/64454.html?view=255174#t255174

Author: Anya
Title: Quite a Tonic
Any warnings: Unbeta'd, phonetic dialect heavy dialogue
Link: http://mementomori-fic.livejournal.com/5948.html

Author: xianiane
Title: Just Another Day
Warnings: single use of the 'f' word as an emphatic.
Link: http://xianiane.livejournal.com/26425.html

Author: crumplehornedki
Title: Maintenance
Warnings: none
Link: http://crumplehornedki.livejournal.com/7952.html#cutid1

Author: julu
Title: Snippet from untitled work in progress, but I'm caling this snippet "The Back Way"
Any warnings: Nyah
Link: http://julu543.livejournal.com/


Author: Snuggle Muggle
Title: The First Time Together
Any warnings: Sex, not too hard core, but definitely R-rated. (Clean version link available if desired.)
Link: http://snuggle-muggle.livejournal.com/2301.html

Author: Deena S
Title: Scent of a Man
Warnings: Spoilers for HBP
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/25997.html

Author: Deena S
Title: Eros
Warnings: NC17, first time
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/11540.html

Author: Deena S
Title: That Dark Place
Warnings: Post-Partum Depression
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/11480.html

Author: Deena S
Title: Snow Angels
Warnings: SMootzie fluff
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/1809.html

Author: Dogstar
Title: Twenty Minutes
Link: http://jofic.livejournal.com/3730.html

Author: Deena S.
Title: Making Love
Warnings: Sexual Situations, language
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/34729.html

Author: Deena S.
Title: Don't Worry, Baby
Warnings: Underage sex
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/32101.html

Author: Deena S
Title: Scent of a Woman
Warnings: Spoilers for HBP

Author: Deena s
Title: Coming Apart at the Seams
Warnings: NC17, language
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/22755.html

Author: Deena S
Title: Braving the Dance Floor
Warnings: NC17, language
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/19905.html

Author: Deena S
Title: Expectations
Warnings: NC17
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/1769.html

Author: girlyswot
Title: Meeting the Weasleys
Warnings: none
Link: http://girlyswot.livejournal.com/28017.html
This takes you to a post where I've collected links for each chapter.

Author: Deena S.
Title: The Weasley Boys' Smut-Fest
Warnings: Sex, sex, sex...and some language....
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/35616.html

Author: Deena S
Title: Small Miracles
Warnings: Fluffity, fluff, fluff, fluff
Link: http://deenas-fics.livejournal.com/2440.html

Author: Duck the Duck
Title: Weasley Wonderings
Link: http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?psid=175355

Author: Antoshevu
Title: Weasley Family Picnic http://www.siye.co.uk/siye/viewstory.php?sid=5157
its sequel, Four Weddings and a Funeral: http://www.siye.co.uk/siye/viewstory.php?sid=6056 They're simply packed with Weasley crumpetude, if I do say so myself. (Oh—and the links above are to the PG-13-ish, SIYE version. Just so no one gets nervous. The much more adult—and slightly more adventurous—version of the cycle is here:http://antoshevu.livejournal.com/50942.html)

Category: Charlie
Title: A Year of Living Dangerously
Warnings: I'm not good at hands or faces
Link: http://girlyswot.livejournal.com/28017.html

Category: Charlie/general Weasley love
Title: Free icons!
Warnings: none
Link: http://girlyswot.livejournal.com/28017.html

Title: Brains and brawn; red hair and freckles: a discussion of the effect of the Weasley male on the thinking woman..
Author: TDU
Link: http://tdu000.livejournal.com/1957.html#cutid1
Warnings: This is absolutely hilarious

Author: amamama

My crumpet is tall and has red hair
He surely is not from the snakes’ lair
He does love my brain
And my body the same
Bonnie Weasley; brave, honest and fair

Interpretive Dance??????


"starring a thinly disguised author insert (that would be you) interacting with a canon character."

Hasn't Girlyswot already done that? I suppose she just gets to write a sequel!
We love sequels in the fandom!
Especially sequels where I get to go and live in Romania... I think this will be a very interesting challenge. I want to see who what stmargarets comes up with.

What a platterful of Weasley crumpet you have collected. I shall go off to read some of the freckle-love right away (and I'll make a point of reviewing, of course).
It will expand your teavelling experiences, though I doubt you'll have to go via aeroplane - Charlie will come up with something loads better!
Obviously i meant "travelling" (though as a committed tea drinker "teavelling" has it's appeal).

And I SOOO already have my dresses picked out...
Don't wear gold - that will clash with Ginny. :)
*Gasp* but of course not (although *ducks* I have Ginny in French Blue) Celadon Green, the reliable color that comes through for me when Black is not an Option and Lime and Turquoise are Socially Frowned Upon :D
:lol: when Black is not an Option and Lime and Turquoise are Socially Frowned Upon I like that!


Oh no...

*wrings hands*

Erm...is Will Wood considered canon??


Re: Oh no...

I've missed you!

No need to wring hands. Just be the Healer who patches up Oliver and then consult with a hostile Will Wood who doesn't like your technique. After an argument hissed in the corrider of St. Mungo's, he'll realize that this gorgeous straight-haired woman is also a formidable Healer. He'll take you out for Italian as a way of making up for his hasty judgment based on your incredible good looks. (Which have been your cross to bear since you are really a good, sweet woman who takes in stray puppies)

See, I could write Grey's Anatomy - St. Mungo's Style!

Re: Oh no...

Ooh - I like! You are SO funny! I have had NO time today, but I'm planning on reviewing LJ after the girls are in bed. I have a bunch of catching up to do!

Re: Oh no...

*waves at moonette*

Hope you had a fun weekend away.

Re: Oh no...

:surreptitiously feeds the bunny carrots:

:runs away laughing maniacally:

Heck! Lots of reading and reviewing to be done here! Excellent!

I'm tempted by the 'You, Mary Sue' challenge but I've got heaps of other things on the go. :frowns: I bet I could drabble though. Yep. :beams: Count me in.

Would you mind if I friend you so I can keep up?
Of course! Friend away! There's a lot to keep up with!

LOL - how hard can it be to write a Mary Sue fic? I guess we'll find out!

*nods with all the confidence of one who has lots of experience*


... Last time I put "Megan" in the subject, since I finally broke down and got an LJ account. Well, I had to post my drabble somewhere, didn't I?

So here's my (first) entry for the "You, Mary Sue" challenge: The Case of the Vanishing Man

I may write a few more if I can find the time.

Re: Megan

Yay! It took awhile, but I'm glad you broke down and got an LJ. I'll friend you and you'll have to check out who you know on my friends list so you can friend them, too. It's fun when you have a bunch of people to talk to.

I'll read your drabble tomorrow and I should formally post the "You, Mary Sue" challenge then as well. You can be the first entry!