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Here's Some Fun

To find out which famous author your writing most resembles, copy and paste a sample into the box.

I write like Mario Puzo (of The Godfather fame) when I am reviewing or writing fiction without HP names. In passages with HP names, I write like JK Rowling.😊

Give it a whirl.
Birthday beach

JKR Writes Some Stuff

I’ve read two postings by JK Rowling in the past few days. One is the ongoing story of The Ickabog. A fairy tale about a vain, blond king who has advisors who lie to him to keep him happy and assuage his vanity. The lies are benign - until they are not.

The injustices pile up as the story moves on. It’s all very entertaining and well-told. Thank you, JK Rowling.

The second thing I read by JK Rowling, horrified me. It’s an essay explaining why she is against trans rights? Or why she re-tweets anti-trans thinkers? Or why she proudly wears the label “TERF” (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist)? It wasn’t clear what she was trying to do exactly.

The whole essay was a muddled, fear-based mess.

She explains:
how much the vitriol from Twitter hurt her.
how she hated being a girl/woman at times because her father wanted a boy
how she is afraid that children are being brainwashed into thinking that their temporary dissatisfaction with their body is going to result in a permanent disfigurement if they transition. (Not her exact words)
how she is afraid that woman’s rights are being eroded because? (Not clear on that)
how she is afraid men are passing as women so they can enter woman-only spaces and assault women.
how she was assaulted by her first husband and all of this triggered her.

I get that vitriol from Twitter is hurtful and people should not tweet death threats and profanity. The rest of it? Tired arguments and the same sort of fears people had when gay rights and acceptance were in the spotlight.

What was really disappointing was that she wrote without any consideration of her readers who are trans or who identify as gender fluid, etc. . . These kids/adults are hurting to see someone lump them in the scary/triggering category. Even worse – her platform is huge and she is misinforming so many people.

Since JKR didn’t provide any links or citations, I’ll provide one. The Trevor Project (that Dan Radcliffe mentioned in his tweet).

I can’t say that I understand all the terminology and biology of this, but I will keep trying to understand. I remember when Cher’s child transitioned and Cher confessed she didn’t understand and made a lot of mistakes, but at the end of the day she loved her child.

I think every person deserves that sort of acceptance and love. I’m just sorry that famous people feel the need to go out their way to hurt the most vulnerable in society.
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Something else to think about

We're fine. Eddie is in Halifax, holed up in his apartment and we are here in Liverpool living the self-isolation life. Since Bill works from home, we really haven't seen huge differences in our daily routine. Thankfully we can still get out for walks. So far, so good.

I stole two memes from mollywheezy. *waves to Traci*

All the answers must start with the first letter of your first name.
WEAR – mittens
DRINK – milk
PLACE - Missouri
FOOD – macaroni and cheese
ANIMAL - monkey
GIRL’S NAME – Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
BOY’S NAME - Michael
BODY PART - mouth

Name a TV show you like starting with each letter of the alphabet:

Brooklyn 99
Carol Burnett Show
Grace and Frankie
Happy Days
I Dream of Jeannie
Jimmy Neutron
Kim Possible
Laverne and Shirley
Mary Tyler Moore
Northern Exposure
Office (The)
Parks and Recreation
Queer Eye
Remington Steele
Schitt’s Creek
That 70’s Show
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Voyager (Star Trek)
Welcome Back Kotter
You Are There (Does anyone else remember that series with Walter Conkrite?)
Zoom (PBS show out of Boston. I can’t say I liked it, but I did watch it with Eddie)

My TV viewing has been sporadic - there are a lot of shows I watched as a kid/teenager. Then as the mom of kid in the early 2000's and now some of my Netflix finds. I had to cheat on The Office and Star Trek Voyager.

Hope everyone is well and keeping their spirits up.
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Happy Belated Birthday, tdu000!

Happy Birthday, Bel! I hope you had a good day. I wish the weather would calm down for you. First fire and now floods! You do indeed live in "interesting times."

May 2020 bring all sorts of good things into your life, my friend.
Birthday beach

Grandma Kate News

Grandma Kate sent me an update about her health. She's had some health issues since her Dear Oatmeal died.

Here is her message:

I have not disappeared off the face of the earth, but close to it. Five weeks after dear Oatmeal died for a bleeding brain, I suddenly became unable to stand and was rushed to the local emergency room and by ambulance to the hospital in Sacramento that deals with Neurology. My brain was bleeding. They drilled four holes in the front of my skull (two at the hairline to release the pressure and two farther back to drain the blood out). The operation was a success. I spent four days in ICU, then was released to a rehabilitation hospital for five days. After the physical therapists and occupational therapist were convinced that I could do everything I could before the bleeding episode, I was allowed to return home. I was taken off my blood thinner and most of the blood pressure meds. First Daughter and her husband moved in to the three bedrooms and full bath that we had removed everything from and had painted. A Home Health Nurse and another set of physical and occupational therapists came to be sure I could shower and toilet and get around. I was allowed to go back to my original physical therapist.

About a week before the bleeding incident, I had been in the back seat of a car that was rear ended twice while First Daughter and her husband and I were returning from the memorial service of Owen and Clara's other grandfather (Bridget's husband's father). I had earlier fallen off my bathroom scale when trying to weigh myself so this was not the only time I had a knock to the back of my head. All my children were very concerned about the bleeding incident because they had just stayed with me while dear Oatmeal died. My head is healing. I have had three brain scans that show that the blood is slowly being absorbed. The hair that was shaved off to allow the four holes to be drilled is growing back. I am back to protesting the detention facilities that the Big Bully has the asylum seekers and their children in.
With love, Grandma Kate

I will pass on any comments. Love her last line. :)
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Birds of A Feather

Since everything seems so grim these days, I thought I’d share the fun we’ve been having this week.

On Thursday (Our 32nd Wedding Anniversary - not that it matters) I noticed an unusual bird under our feeder. It hung around all day so I was able to look it up on the internet. It was a rare bird, a painted bunting. So I told Bill we should take a picture of it and somehow let the scientist-type people know. I made an account and posted it on Friday morning.

By Friday afternoon three people had stopped at our house in hopes of seeing it. This was in a driving rainstorm. Unfortunately the bird did not put in an appearance. We promised to text them if we saw the bird again.

So Saturday morning at 7:30 I saw the bird again. I texted our new friends. Within an hour one birder was here. Word got out. It was a sunny warm(ish) day and twenty birders came by and took pictures and were as excited as kids at Christmas. They came from Yarmouth and the Halifax area and the Valley to see this thing.

We got such a kick out of them. Bill especially who is always ready to make new friends. Eddie told me “stranger danger” and to stay off the internet.

Today it's rainy and cold again and the bird hasn't put in an appearance. Five intrepid birders stopped by this morning before it rained. They gave us $60 from a collection they took from their bird society. Apparently there were *two* rare birds* at our feeders and they never would have seen them so easily if we hadn't let them all on our back deck. They want us to buy more bird seed with the money and to keep our eyes open. LOL

Besides meeting some really nice people, I now know that we have over 20 different kinds of birds in our backyard. (There are woods behind our lot)

*a painted bunting and a white-crowned sparrow

In other news, Eddie got through his first semester back to school without any problems. He moved again in May, since one of his roommates got a job out of province. So it's just the two of them, but it's a much nicer apartment.

He is waiting to hear back about a tour guide position* at the historic Anglican church in Halifax. He has previous experience with the museum here so he feels good about his chances.

My next worry is his trip to Dallas for a gaming competition. He leaves early Thursday morning and returns on Monday. I'm not as worried as when he went to Austin last year, but I'm still anxious.

*LOL - is he going to be a Quidditch announcer and then teacher next?

Edit to add: One of the birders sent me a picture he took on Saturday.