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Oct. 20th, 2016

Birthday beach

Movies to Look Forward To

I've been hearing rave reviews about La La Land. It's supposed to put a smile on your face. It's about creativity, never giving up, and helping each other through the hard times. It is "unironic." It is old-fashioned. It tugs at the heartstrings. It's the kind of movie you want to see again and again.

So, yeah! I'm excited to see it - even if the two leads have to go their separate ways (I don't know - just guessing) they've made each other better people. So I can live with that.

I do love Star Wars. This is the story of how the rebellion got the plans for the Death Star before "A New Hope." (The first Star Wars from the 1970s)

And finally another Guardians of the Galaxy coming this summer. Chris Pratt is adorable. "Someone pathetic. Like you." LOL

Thank you for your birthday wishes! I had a great day.

Oct. 5th, 2016

Birthday beach


We've had a drought this past summer here in Southwestern Nova Scotia. You can see it from these two photos, taken from the same angle, 12 years apart. The first is from Labor Day and the second is when Eddie was six or seven.

This is sort of a symbolic representation for me. I feel depleted with Eddie gone, but with the waters receded you can see all sorts of interesting rocks and topography. It's my job now to figure out what to do with this new perspective.

Eddie's coming home for Canadian Thanksgiving on Friday. He was in a good mood when I talked to him yesterday. He had an 87 on his mid-term chemistry exam, so he was happy he powered through his test anxiety. I'm glad he's feeling some success and I'm looking forward to some family and friends time around the Thanksgiving table.

Oct. 3rd, 2016

Birthday beach

Happy Birthday, girlspell !

Happy Birthday, Girlspell! I hope you have a great day! (Although it's hard to party on a Monday).

Sep. 19th, 2016

Birthday beach

Parenting Never Ends

So I thought my biggest worry was going to be 'empty nest' with Eddie going away to University, but we had a lot of drama his first week. He went to all his engineering classes and liked them well enough and then realized he was not equipped to do the work load of six classes plus all the labs and tutorials. Once he plugged in all of his homework, assignments, and tests, he realized he had something major due everyday and this was after five hours figuring out to input his chemistry homework on the computer. (If you formatted it wrong, they marked it wrong after 3 tries) He called at one AM in a complete panic. That was not a fun phone call.

Because he's 18, there's nothing we could do for him except direct him to the right people to help. He did go talk to all his advisers and after two days of soul-searching, withdrew from the engineering program and enrolled in "undeclared science."

He seems better since he has a more reasonable schedule, but he's still feeling bad about giving up engineering (at least for now). He is also impatient to make new friends, but he isn't homesick. I wish all this was easier for him - he feels like a failure. But I'm heartened that he didn't indulge in "magical thinking" and try to bluff his way through a program only to fail or not get the marks he needed. Plus he solved his own problem - reaching out to strangers and coming up with solutions. I'm hoping a year of just exploring and being away from home will help focus him.

I'm just as bad as he is - wanting everything to be all right so I don't have to worry. That's not a very realistic expectation, either. I'm going to see a counselor tomorrow to help me with these kinds of phone calls. (I get very anxious, because my mother was mentally ill and to inner me someone upset and crying = hospitalization/death) It's a new counselor, so I don't know what to expect - but I need to work on my own anxiety.

Any words of wisdom would be most welcome!

Sep. 4th, 2016

Birthday beach

A New Chapter

So we dropped Eddie off at Dalhousie University yesterday. Eddie and I had dropped about half his stuff off on Thursday and then Saturday was the actual move-in day. It all went according to plan. Everyone was open and welcoming. There are three kids from Liverpool on his dorm floor and at least ten others within walking distance in other dorms and in the city. So he has a good support system.

He is nervous, but ready to go. His engineering program is going to keep him busy and I know he's worried about keeping up with the work. Already he's planning on forming study groups and finding a support system for his academic life. Classes start on Tuesday.

As for us left with the empty nest . . . Well, it's a relief to finally have all the planning and purchasing done and over with. As long as he's happy, we'll be happy, too. But it feels weird and dereliction of duty to not know what he's doing all the time. My college years were the hardest of my life(both my parents died during that time), and I'm trying not to overlay my experiences on top of his. This is his life and growing up is about standing on your own two feet. Still, I'm sending up my prayers and trying to be grateful that he has this opportunity.

He's promised to send me a photo of him with the Dalhousie sign, so I'll post that when I can. It was too busy to take pictures yesterday.

Jul. 13th, 2016

Birthday beach

La La Land (2016 Movie) Official Teaser Trailer – “City Of Stars”

Wow. This looks so *pretty.* The song is kind of angsty, but it's a musical, so it must have a happy ending, right?

This doesn't come out until Dec. so I guess there will be plenty of time for spoilers.

Jul. 5th, 2016

Birthday beach


Eddie graduated from high school last Tuesday. He was chosen by his classmates to be class speaker, which is a great honor since only the principal and an adult guest speaker give speeches.

His speech was funny and thoughtful and very well received by his classmates. He was really nervous, but it didn't show. And he was one happy boy when it was over. I was so happy for him. He needed that feeling of success after a tough year. (His grandmother died, he had eye surgery, had his wisdom teeth out and he took all upper level academic classes). He wanted a higher grade average (He made honors, but not high honors), but I don't think he realizes just what he has accomplished.

Now the next step is university. I'm a wreck just thinking about it, but I have 2 months to get used to the idea.

We just got rid of all of our house guests and I'm exhausted. I'll be glad to have a few lazy days before I start in on some house projects.

Hope you are all well, my dear friends.

Apr. 14th, 2016

Birthday beach

Happy Birthday, Ros! And an update.

Happy Birthday, auntyros! I hope it's good one full of good food, congenial friends and books with happy endings. :)

I always remember Ros's birthday because it's the day before Eddie's. He's going to be 18 tomorrow.

I know! It doesn't seem possible.

He got into the engineering program at Dalhousie University in Halifax and he couldn't be happier about it. He's actually been doing his homework without prompting and is enjoying his all science and math semester. He really hated English by the time his grade 12 teacher got done with them. It was a shame she was so uptight and prescriptive about writing and lit interpretation. Hopefully, he'll find his way back to the joys of literature later on in life.

Graduation isn't until June 28th, so hopefully he can stay focused until then. It's helped that the weather has been so awful - cold and rainy and gloomy. Someday that sun will come out!

Feb. 8th, 2016

Birthday beach

Happy Birthday, Bel!

Happy Birthday, tdu000! I hope you have a great day, doing something fun. Although Monday birthdays aren't all that conducive to big celebrations. :)

We're under a blizzard warning. So far no snow, but the wind is kicking up.

Feb. 3rd, 2016

Birthday beach

One More Semester Left

Here's Eddie's graduation portrait. He calls it his glamour shot. :)

He has one semester left of high school. It's so hard to believe. He did very well on his final exams, so now we have the waiting game to find out if he is accepted in the program he wants. Engineering at Dalhousie University. Keep your fingers crossed!

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