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Apr. 16th, 2014

Birthday beach

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, auntyros! I hope you have a great day. I remembered your birthday because it falls one day after Eddie's birthday.

Eddie is now 16.

Let that sink in, my friends. My baby is now 16. It really doesn't seem possible, but there it is.

I made him a black forest cake for his birthday and he requested pizza for his birthday dinner. Then he had driver's ed that night, so it really wasn't a very exciting birthday for him. But he was okay with it since he is busy this week with work and school. Next week they have Easter Monday off and a teacher in-service day so he's hoping to have some sort of party then.

I've been busy, too. I finished an 8 week course given by mental health services on anxiety. It was very intense and challenging, but I learned a lot. Go ahead, ask me anything about anxiety. :)

We also had the floor and ceiling replaced in the bathroom, which made quite a mess. We just have to finish painting and then that will be done. It looks so much better - and it feels so fresh and clean. The next project will be the annual painting of the deck. I won't have much scrapping to do because all the shoveling wore most of the paint down to nothing. Hopefully we'll have some warm, dry days soon. Maybe? It's cold and rainy here today.

Mar. 25th, 2014

Birthday beach

Out like a lion . . .

3:56 PM ADT Tuesday 25 March 2014
Blizzard warning in effect for:
•Queens County

Heavy snow and widespread blowing snow on Wednesday.
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I just hope we don't lose power! Eddie said they announced at school that "when school resumes" it will be day seven. Looks like they expect it to take a couple of days to get back to normal.

Feb. 8th, 2014

Birthday beach

Happy Birthday Bel!

I think I'm a little late, but it's still your birthday in my time zone. I hope you had a good day with the appropriate gifts and food and loving wishes for the next year. Let's hope JKR comes up with another bombshell soon so we can all interact on lj again. :)

Feb. 3rd, 2014

Birthday beach

Wish Fulfillment and Happy Endings

So JKR was talking about how her views of romance and relationships had changed since she first started writing the HP series in her twenties, which is understandable, but I was surprised that she thinks there was something wrong with writing a ship from wish fulfillment. So much of our popular entertainment is about wish fulfillment or aspiration or dreaming big or having an adventure. Certain types of readers (me) seek out those kinds of stories. Not only do they make me feel good, I like to see how writers can solve everyone’s problems and give them a happy ending.

In my mind, it’s the happy ending itself that is the real wish fulfillment. When the reader closes a novel with the characters suspended in the amber of their happy moment, she doesn’t have to worry about them ever again. (Unless you write fan fiction – ahem.) I call that kind of closure wish fulfillment because in “real life” things keep happening after a happy event and they may not always be good things. Nothing is wrapped up neat and tidy – story’s over - until you die. So I say, bring on the wish fulfillment – it can be deeply satisfying.

So, since no author is dead anymore, I thought I’d conduct a thought experiment (tongue-in-cheek) and have some of my favourite writers renounce their shipping that was based on wish fulfillment and see how it goes . . .

LM Montgomery regrets shipping Anne and Gilbert since she first wrote them during her long engagement to Ewen Macdonald when she was hopeful that she was marrying her intellectual equal to whom she was also physically attracted. (That had been an issue from her broken engagement to Edwin Simpson– she writes in her journal that she was repulsed by his “affections.” ) Ewen and LM were apart for most of their engagement, so LM did a lot of projecting. Anne and Gilbert were her ideals – friends who could talk non-stop for hours and then hop into bed – just what she hoped for during her five-year engagement. Unfortunately, LM Montgomery’s marriage/subsequent life was marred by her husband’s mental illness, her health problems, her money problems and her disappointment in her wild-oat-sowing son. Now that she knows just how difficult marriage would be, she wouldn’t pair Anne up with someone that unrealistically nice.

Louisa May Alcott regrets shipping Jo with Fritz Bhaer and having them run a boys home where everyone learned at their own pace and all lived in communal harmony. This idea was based on her father’s short-lived commune. The wish fulfillment part was that Jo and Fritz were equal partners in their relationship and they had food (unlike the grinding poverty of the commune). Louisa never married and she had to put up with her father’s tyrannical nature until he died. So Jo and her well-fed boys were totally unrealistic. (She does not regret, however, giving Amy a drama llama for a husband, mediocre artistic talent and a sickly daughter since Amy burned Jo’s manuscript.)

Charlotte Bronte regrets shipping Jane with Rochester – one, because it’s highly unlikely that the lord of the manor would take notice of a mousey governess (Charlotte, a one time governess, eventually married her father’s curate) and two, tragically, few in her world would live long enough to suddenly come into a family legacy and wait out Rochester disposing of his first wife for the happy ending. (She lost three immediate family members in the 8 months after Jane Eyre was published.) Charlotte died at 38 from pregnancy complications.

Stephenie Meyer regrets shipping Edward with Bella and having Jacob obsess over her – Wait. Stephenie Meyer regrets nothing! She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Jan. 27th, 2014

Birthday beach

Happy Birthday, Berte!

I hope you're having a wonderful day. Someday we're all going to have to get together for another online birthday celebration. I think we have people languishing in dungeons somewhere. :)

In other news - I can't seem to log on to live journal unless I enter the system from a message sent to me first. Any idea what I can do? I can read all the public posts on my friends list but none of the locked ones. I miss seeing what everyone is doing!

Jan. 2nd, 2014

Birthday beach

Happy Birthday, my Capricorn Friends!

I wanted to say happy birthday to gabrielladusult, alkari and ladywhizbee. I hope you all had (or are having) a great day!)

We are waiting for the blizzard to hit. We're supposed to get around 30cm of snow with high winds and a frigid wind chill between now and Friday night. I'm so glad Bill works from home! Here's hoping the power stays on!

Dec. 17th, 2013

Birthday beach

Catching Up on Birthday Greetings and a Link

I missed three birthdays since I last posted! Happy belated birthday, sheryln, grandma_kate, and crumplehornedki! I hope you all had good days full of celebrations and lavish food. I'm sorry I missed celebrating with you on lj.

I just read this blog post about "surrendering to Christmas." It's about the writer's ambivalent emotions when it comes to the holidays. I really liked what she had to say about embracing each Christmas as it comes - some Dec. 25ths will be joyous, but other Christmas days will be a time of grieving or health problems or loneliness. Facing that reality isn't always a bad thing, and makes you grateful for the blessings of the season (whatever they may be that particular year).

Nov. 12th, 2013

Birthday beach

What's Up in Nova Scotia?

Short answer: Not much, but enough to be interesting.

Eddie, obviously as the teenager in the family, has the most going on. He had a great summer sailing and earning a few more qualifications. (I really don’t know all the levels and what they mean – but he’s a fairly competent sailor right now.) He was disappointed that he didn’t get one nibble from the ten job applications he sent around town. Since he was 15 with zero experience, I wasn’t too surprised, but right before school started he got a call from Atlantic Superstore and they ran him through the gauntlet. He had a phone interview, an online survey about stealing and ethics, a math test of some sort, and an in-person interview with the store manager. He passed all with flying colors and then he had 20 hours of training.

I confess I was a little worried about how he would handle customers and being in the public eye (we have two grocery stores in town, so you pretty much see everybody). But surprise, he loves it. Even on the no-tax Saturday when the company computer system glitched and it took five minutes to print receipts and the lines stretched to the back of the store. I asked him what he did while he had all these impatient customers waiting in line, and he said that he just chatted with them and that “most people” were pretty understanding. So far he’s only been scheduled for about 10 hours a week, which is plenty during the school year. This week he works on Wed. night and Saturday afternoon. The best part is that after six months, he gets a 10% discount on everything in the store. That will be a huge help on the grocery bill.

I’ve been taking a meditation class. I’ve really enjoyed it. I took the same course eight years ago, and they changed it quite a bit based on new research. The first four weeks were the same, but they’ve added in more about positive thinking and happiness research. It’s nice to see mental health professionals focusing on good mental health and how to maintain it, rather than just focusing on trauma and crisis management. I’ve learned a lot. There are two classes to go before it ends. It’s been a lot of homework, so I’ll be glad to have more free time leading up to Christmas.

We’re going to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving again. Eddie is in good shape at school, and won’t miss much since they have professional development days that week. I’m looking forward to going. We haven’t been down in a year. My in-laws had some health scares over the summer and really weren’t up for guests. But they seem to have bounced back (as much as you can bounce when you’re in your 80’s) and my mother-in-law is still going to cook the giant dinner. (I will be her handmaiden)

Bill is still working from home. He doesn’t love his job, but it’s working for us now. He would like do something where he sees more people (besides me and Eddie’s steady stream of friends). He does have the unique position of actually being around his son ( before he leaves us forever), so he’s not complaining too much.

I also want to send grandma_kate lots of good energy for her surgery on November 15. I’ll be thinking of you, dear.

And thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes. I have a new avatar thanks to girlspell and igorsamusenko. Isn't it lovely? *admires*

Oct. 30th, 2013

Birthday beach

Nature, Beauty, Gratitude

We watched this in my meditation class today. At first it seems kind of predictable. Pretty pictures, yadda, yadda. But it packs quite a punch by the end.

Oct. 3rd, 2013

It Was Your Heart That Saved You

Happy Birthday, Girlspell!

Happy Birthday, girlspell! I wish I could make beautiful gifs and icons like you do, but you'll just have to settle for warm wishes and all the best for another year. :) Have a great day.

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